About Us


Much has happened with craft beer since the first Texas Craft Brewers Festival in 2003.

Homebrewers and entrepreneurs have launched and grown craft beer businesses to serve nearby communities. Laws have been changed to make accessing Texas craft beer easier. People curious to discover new tastes have become fans, and those fans devotees. 

Throughout craft beer's re-emergence, an underlying ethos has held strong:

We are a community. We support each other. We respect each other. And our mutual appreciation of the people, the process and the product enriches us. 

The Texas Craft Brewers Festival and the Texas Craft Brewers Guild embrace this ethos, striving to be true to Texas craft beer and to benefit all involved. Today as in 2003, the Texas Craft Brewers Festival remains by and for the Texas craft brewers and the Texas craft beer community. 

2017 Texas Craft Brewers Festival

Produced by the Texas Craft Brewers Guild

Festival Chairman:
Charles Vallhonrat, Executive Director, Texas Craft Brewers Guild

Festival Organizers:
Charles Vallhonrat, Caroline Wallace, Brent "Schmitty" Sapstead, Kristin Jacobson, members of the Texas Craft Brewers Guild, and countless others make this event possible. A huge thank you to everyone involved in making this event happen.