Over 40 Texas breweries are expected to participate in this year's festival, serving loads of seasonal and special releases. Stay tuned for complete information.

(512) Brewing Co.

Austin, TX
(512) Brewing is a microbrewery located in the heart of Austin brewing for the community using local, domestic and organic ingredients. We're proudly 100% self distributed throughout the major markets in Texas. Our focus is on draft beer available at bars, restaurants and specialty markets around Texas.

5 Stones Artisan Brewery

Cibolo, TX
5 Stones Artisan Brewery is a small batch brewery focusing on seasonal beers through the use of the freshest fruit, produce, herbs and spices we can find.

Adelbert's Brewery

Austin, TX
Adelbert’s Brewery is committed to brewing Belgian-style, bottle-conditioned ales for people to seek, savor, and share with others. We believe quality beers require quality ingredients and a painstaking attention to detail throughout the brewing process. We use Bohemian old-world floor malted barley, low alpha Noble Czech hops, and fresh yeast propagated at the brewery. In our seven-vessel brewhouse, we use a time consuming, multi-temperature decoction mash technique which extracts a more complex flavor from our grains.

Alamo Beer Co.

San Antonio, TX
A long, long, time ago, there was a beer called “Alamo.” The year was 1884 and the brewery was Lone Star Brewing Association. The good citizens of San Antonio loved this locally brewed beer. Then came prohibition and the supply of Alamo dried up along with all the other beers across this nation. In 1933 prohibition ended and the nation was drinking legal beer again, but not Alamo. Seems that the dry spell caused people to forget the brand and the trade name went dormant. Skip to the mid 1990s and the San Antonio arrival of Eugene Simor from his home town of Santa Ana, California (no relation to General Santa Anna of Mexico). Eugene’s thirst for local brews was legendary. To satisfy that thirst, he teamed up with Real Ale of Blanco, Texas, and revived the ALAMO brand, which started flowing again in October 2003. Alamo has entered its 10th year and is now armed with a posse of loyal ‘Defenders of the ALAMO Brand,’ a reinforced statewide militia ready to distribute, and is prepared to battle it out with the non-Texas owned beers for its fair share of Texans taste buds. To celebrate ten years in business, Alamo Beer Company is currently constructing a brewery in downtown San Antonio and will be brewing this October. The battle is on. Remember the ALAMO…beer.

Armadillo Ale Works

Denton, TX
Born and raised in Denton, TX, Armadillo Ale Works™ is on a mission to bring Craft Excellence™ to beer drinkers across Texas. Our beers are inspired by the history, culture, and most importantly, the people of Denton. In a city where the motto is “North of Ordinary,” we are creating beers that reflect that mindset.

Austin Beerworks

Austin, TX
Austin Beerworks is / a Texas craft brewery / and haiku poet.

B-52 Brewing Co.

Conroe, TX
A family-owned and -operated craft brewery in Conroe, TX, focusing on the art and science of making world class beers.

Black Star Co-op Pub and Brewery

Austin, TX
Black Star Co-op is the world’s first cooperatively owned and worker self-managed brewpub. We are owned by a community of more than 3,000 individuals and organizations, and we're democratically managed by our Workers' Assembly.

Branchline Brewing Co.

San Antonio , TX
Branchline Brewing Co. is based out of San Antonio Texas, and has been producing since 2013. "Handcrafted ales for the independent at heart."

Brazos Valley Brewing

Brenham, TX
BVB was founded in 2013 by a five-man team of craft brewing enthusiasts. We make high-quality craft beers for the people of Texas and have a variety of styles thoughtfully created using our passion for tasteful ales.

Brigadoon Brewery & Brew School

Pasadena, TX
Brigadoon Brewery & Brew School is a unique Scottish Renaissance brewpub and teaching facility located on the grounds of the Texas Renaissance Festival in Plantersville, Texas. Brigadoon first opened in the fall of 2008 as a living history demonstration booth and in 2011 licensed as a brewpub. To our knowledge, we are the only functioning brewpub located on the grounds of a Renaissance festival using both period-specific equipment and modern equipment to brew hand crafted ale and then serving it back to the public. Our mission is to educate the masses on the important role beer has played in the development of civilization and to educate as many palates as possible to the qualities and attributes of craft beer. In short, we believe, "Life is too short to drink bad beer!"

Buffalo Bayou Brewing Co.

Houston , TX
Buffalo Bayou Brewing Co. is a new twist on an old craft. With creativity as our main goal, we subscribe to our own definitions regarding brewing parameters and guidelines, without sacrificing flavor or consistency. Combining cutting-edge technology and technique with wildly sourced flavors, our innovative offerings create new narratives for how we think about beer. From grain to glass, Buff Brews tell a story, invoking traditional and balanced flavor symmetry in our “Heritage Series,” as well as revolutionary and radical palates in our “Secessionist Series,” that break all the rules and alter the beer landscape. It is our mission to create beers that not only honor the pioneering history of Texas, but celebrate the adventurous spirit of a city built on outlaws and invention

Cedar Creek Brewery

Seven Points, TX
This GABF Gold Medal-winning brewery in Northeast Texas has been open only two years. Six new beers enter their lineup this year. This brewery is a destination stop for sure. With state-wide distribution, it is always easy to find a Cedar Creek 4 pk to take with you.

Circle Brewing Co.

Austin, TX
At Circle, all of our brews embody the concept of purity through simplicity of design. You won’t find chemicals, stabilizing or clarifying agents, cheap additives or adjuncts, or even gimmicky fruits or spices in any of our brews. At Circle, we embrace the German Purity standards of 1516 and continually brew better beer with that in mind. To us, the circle is a symbol of perfection in its most basic form. We share that perfection with you in every pint of Circle.

Community Beer Co.

Dallas , TX
Community Beer Co. is a Dallas-based brewery crafting award-winning beers. We embrace the sense of community by supporting the arts, charity, and of course... beer!

Cyclers Brewing

Montgomery, TX
Cyclers Brewing came about by friends who enjoy varied taste elements in food. Food is social. It has been, and it always will be. This transferred over into our varied creation of ales along with their different taste elements that we enjoy. We're confident you will too. We are located in Historic Montgomery, Texas, inside The Sam Houston National Forest. Our private, deep well furnishes the source for the unique taste of our beers. We enjoy the process immensely and are confident you'll enjoy our commitment to making unique and flavorful products. Let's ride!

Deep Ellum Brewing Co.

Dallas, TX
Deep Ellum Brewing Co. is the maker of high-quality, hand-crafted beer that thrives on artistry and creativity. Between skilled renditions of classic styles and imaginative creations that take beer in new directions, DEB seeks to restore the 12,000-year-old tradition of full-flavored beer. The brewery will contribute to the craft beer renaissance by operating an exciting new microbrewery in the fastest growing market in the United States.

Fort Bend Brewing Co.

Missouri City, TX
The first kegs filled with Fort Bend Brewing Co. beer rolled out of our doors in December 2012, and we are proud to have continuously produce our hand-crafted ales for the greater Houston and Austin areas. We believe craft beer to be art that can take shape in many styles and forms, with a goal of providing the drinker with a pleasing and enjoyable experience. While individual tastes and styles vary, our ever-expanding lineup is intended to have an offering for all drinkers alike. In short, we have true a passion for craft beer and brew the type beer we like to drink. All of our beer is truly handcrafted in-house; each bag of grain hoisted manually and every bottle and keg handled by our two brewers on staff. We believe having a small staff (six employees in all) allows our beer to be truly authentic and a reflection of Fort Bend Brewing as a company with each member of our staff to have a hand in its creation.

Four Corners Brewing Co.

Dallas, TX
The story of Four Corners Brewing Co. is simple. We’re Dallas natives and we’re craft beer fans. Most importantly, we are a dedicated team of brewers with the goal of offering handcrafted beers that pair well with the food, music, art and culture in our ho me town. Refreshing and soulful, it’s what we call “local flavor” and we proudly raise a glass to that! Flavorful and satisfying “All Day” Ales... that’s what we’re brewing.

Grapevine Craft Brewery

Grapevine, TX
We are Texas proud of our handcrafted, all-grain ales and committed to continued excellence in bringing yet another unique beer experience to North Texas. Love beer. Love community.

Guadalupe Brewing Co.

New Braunfels, TX
Ten-barrel microbrewery. The dream began in 2009 after many beer inspired visits to Europe and the US Pacific Northwest. Keith Kilker home-brewed, graduated from Siebel's Brewing Technology program and experienced hands on brewing in a Colorado brew pub. Soon after Keith and his wife Anna opened Guadalupe Brewing Company in 2011 outside the New Braunfels City Limits. Using Texas honey has been our focus. We have been able to donate 2% of our Texas Honey Ale sales to Texas A & M's Entomology Department. Making beer the way we like it and inviting craft beer drinkers to enjoy the small batches we turn out every week using the finest and local ingredients, anytime possible. Support Fresh~Local~Beer! Cheers!

Hops & Grain Brewing

Austin, TX
Hops and Grain is a World Beer Cup Gold Medal-winning craft brewery in Austin Texas. Committed to sustainable brewing and grateful to be living our dream. We are committed to our East Austin neighborhood and encourage everyone to enjoy our beers outside and with good people whenever possible. Visit our brewery Wed-Sat every week for samples and tours!

Huff Brewing Co.

Bellville, TX
Located in Austin County, Texas, we’re committed to crafting our beer to compliment our history, customs, and lifestyles. We always brew with a respectful nod toward tradition before looking forward to produce beer with a worthy amount of creativity, adventure, and independence. The result is our idea of a good beer: one we enjoy. We hope you agree. Here’s to sharing a beer with you soon -- Prost!

Infamous Brewing Co.

Austin, TX
Infamous Brewing was founded by a group of people who shared passion for quality beer and the goal of delivering great handmade craft beer in small batches. Despite coming from very diverse backgrounds, we were all drawn to the craft and the excitement of the ever-growing craft beer scene in Austin. We built our initial brewhouse from the ground up. We did not buy a pre-fabricated system because we believed that we could replicate that on our own. We also couldn't afford a shiny new system without asking other people to pay for it. So piece by piece and part by part over a nine month period, we built the system that we are currently brewing on. Come take a look - it's pretty cool what a few dudes, nine months and a bunch of beer can do!

Jester King Brewery

Austin, TX
Jester King is an authentic farmhouse brewery committed to making wild ales and spontaneously fermented beers that reflect the unique character of our location in the beautiful Texas Hill Country. Like the small, farmhouse breweries that inspired us, we pursue beer making that involves time, patience, unique fermentation, full attenuation, and refermentation in the serving vessel. We use water from our well, locally grown and malted grains, and native wild yeast to make beer with a sense of place unique to our brewery.

Karbach Brewing Co.

Houston, TX
We like beer. A lot. Our background is in the beer biz. Everything from distribution and importing to German training and brewery operations. A few years ago we had an opportunity that would allow us to open up our own brewery. We jumped on it. We’re extremely excited about this brewery, and we think it shows in everything we do. This is just plain fun for us. The day it starts to feel like a job is the day when lightning shall strike us dead. Cause, hey, at the end of the day we're making beer. And beer is fun. Join us, it should be a kick ass ride with some cool stops along the way!

Lakewood Brewing Co.

Garland, TX
Lakewood Brewing Company's origins may have started in a small garage in east Dallas, but we've quickly become one of the fastest growing craft breweries in North Texas. Producing internationally inspired, locally crafted beers with new, fresh ideas, our diverse varieties include year-round, seasonal, and small-batch brews. Our beers are available throughout the Dallas-Fort Worth area in discerning bars, fine restaurants, and select retailers, perfect for whichever neighborhood you call home.

Live Oak Brewing Co.

Austin, TX
Live Oak Brewing Company employs an old-world style of brewing rarely found in America today but practiced extensively throughout Germany and the Czech Republic. A decoction mash, open fermentation, and secondary lagering are essential to duplicate the rich maltiness and unique flavors of central European beers. Live Oak has been making extraordinary beer in East Austin for thirsty Texans and travelers since 1997.

Lone Pint Brewery

Magnolia , TX
The Lone Pint Brewery is a grassroots insurrection with the true beer lover in mind. We are dedicated to creating distinctive local Texas ales that are tasty, hoppy, and quaffable. We use raw whole cone hops for bittering, flavoring, aroma, and dry hopping additions in all of our brews. However, an equally important ingredient is the renewable energy that powers our Brewery. The spent grain is fed to a local dairy farmer's cows and the spent hops are composted. Craft brewing is an American institution. Our brewhouse and tanks are from Nevada, our boiler from Pennsylvania, our kegging machine from California, our chiller from Oregon, and our mill from Canada (close enough, eh!). Point being, we kept the love at home, doing our part to insure that craft brewing will always remain an American institution. Support your local Brewery!

New Braunfels Brewing Co.

New Braunfels, TX
We make wheat beer. Unique, flavorful and delicious wheat beer. Founded in early 2011 by the Meyer family, we brew our locally hand-crafted beer made with old-world German recipes. What goes in our beer is as much local wheat, local water and local passion as we can get our hands on. What you get is a beer made from New Braunfels for New Braunfels. Raise your glass and say....Here's to Life.

New Republic Brewing Co.

College Station, TX
Located in College Station, New Republic Brewing has been steadily growing since its inception in 2010. We self-distribute draft beer, bottles, and cans to the Brazos Valley and Houston markets. Dammit Jim! Amber, Skylight Dunkelweizen, Kadigan Blonde, and Whipsaw Double IPA comprise our core lineup. Keep an eye out for our seasonal brews Warimono Belgian Tripel and Windlass Sweet Potato Porter. In with the New!

No Label Brewing Co.

Katy, TX
Friends, Sunshine, Beer

Oasis, Texas Brewing Co.

Austin, TX
Clean, flavorful beers made on the shores of Lake Travis. Oasis, Texas Brewing Company is proud to serve Austin and the state of Texas with crisp, drinkable beers for every occasion. Cheers!

Pedernales Brewing Co.

Fredericksburg, TX
Located in the Heart of the Texas Hill Country, Pedernales Brewing Company specializes in classic styles of the world. From the pilsners and hefeweizens of Germany, to classic IPA and porter of the USA, we at PBC hand craft all our beers to be easy drinking, using nothing but malted barley, hops, yeast, and pure Hill Country well water.

Peticolas Brewing Co.

Dallas, TX
How many people can trace their brewing roots back to their mom? Well, Michael Peticolas’s mom, Jacque Peticolas, started brewing a Mexican-styled beer at her El Paso home in the mid 1990s. Poured from big brown 22-ounce bombers, those copper-colored light ales with a hint of apricot hit the spot, especially during the long hot Texas summers. The satisfaction of drinking and sharing beer made at home that tasted better than the mass-produced beer for sale down the street ignited a passion for craft beer. The Peticolas Brewing Company is truly a modern day mom-and-pop operation. Unlike the vast majority of deep-pocket investor-funded breweries operating across the state, the Peticolas Brewing Company is a small 100% family-owned brewery named after its founders, Michael and Melissa Peticolas. The brewery strives to foster a local craft beer identity and provide North Texans with local products they can genuinely enjoy, feel connected to, and stand behind.

Rabbit Hole Brewing Co.

Justin, TX
Rabbit Hole Brewing is not just another brewery offering the same range of beer styles. As such, we strive to provide customers with a story and establish a mythos of product excellence, eccentricity, and uniqueness. Our approach to our customers, the discerning or indiscriminate beer drinker alike, is fresh; we approach on their terms not ours. We strive to maintain a constant level of community activity, especially within the home brewing community for marketing and philanthropic reasons. Our production facility is clean, environmentally cognizant, and a fantastic atmosphere in which to work.

Rahr & Sons Brewing

Fort Worth, TX
The Rahr name has been associated with the brewing industry for over 166 years. Starting in 1847 with Fritz Rahr's great-great Grandfather and the opening of the Rahr Brewery and Malt Company in Manitowoc, WI. Fast-forward to 2004, when 5th generation brewer Fritz Rahr opened the Rahr & Son's Brewing Co in Fort Worth, TX. As a pioneer in the craft beer industry, Fritz has maintained his family's high quality standards and the love for producing a fun, family-friendly environment. With his feet firmly planted on Texas soil, Fritz Rahr, along with the Rahr crew, plan on being around as long as you keep drinking.

Ranger Creek Brewing & Distilling

San Antonio, TX
Ranger Creek is a combined brewery/distillery proudly located in San Antonio, TX. We make beer and whiskey in our “brewstillery,” and we make it by hand one batch at a time with lots of love and attention. We like to focus on the relationship between beer and whiskey. As a combined operation, we can do things to highlight this relationship that no one else can, like age our own beer in our own bourbon barrels and distill our beers into whiskeys.

Real Ale Brewing Co.

Blanco, TX
Welcome to the Texas Hill Country - the home of Real Ale Brewing Company, where a dedicated team of brewers produces quality handcrafted ales. Utilizing a 60-barrel stainless steel brewing system, we incorporate 100% malted grain, domestic and imported hops, and crystal clear water into our unique recipes. We've been brewing since 1996, and now you can find Real Ale all over the Lone Star State. If you don't see us at your favorite stores, bars and restaurants, make sure to ask for us by name! Cheers and thanks for your support!

Revolver Brewing

Granbury, TX
Revolver Brewing is located southwest of Fort Worth in historic Granbury, TX. We are a Texas family owned business founded by father and son, Ron and Rhett Keisler, along with seasoned Master Brewer and Cicerone Grant Wood. We don't take ourselves too seriously, but we take extreme pride in our craft. We believe we can brew world-class beer in the Texas countryside. We start with fresh water from our own Trinity Aquifer well and brew our beer incorporating seasonal local ingredients. We brew on custom-made equipment built for us in the U.S. by proud craftsmen. We oversee our beer to the tap to ensure you are drinking the same beer we are. We believe that our knowledge of brewing, hard work and attention to each detail is evident in every beer we craft.

Rogness Brewing Co.

Pflugerville, TX
Located in the north Austin/Pflugerville area, Rogness Brewing Company specializes in creating small, handcrafted batches of beer. Debuting in March 2012 with two beers, Rogness Brewing Company now delivers to Austin, Dallas, Fort Worth, Houston, San Antonio, Waco and the surrounding areas. Our beer is sold in 22-oz bottles and also on draught. Ask for us in your favorite bottle shop or bar. We have seven mainstays in bottles, which are also available on draught. In addition, we have three other beers that are currently draught-only releases. Be on the lookout for our seasonal offerings and “Rogness Reserve” line, which are small one-off batches bottled and kegged in limited quantities that will never be the same.

Saint Arnold Brewing Co.

Houston, TX
Saint Arnold Brewing Company, located in Houston, is Texas' oldest craft brewery. Our goal is to brew world class beers and deliver them to our customers as fresh as possible, making them the best beers in Texas, Louisiana and Colorado. Our customers are beer lovers - people that appreciate great, full-flavored beers.

Save the World Brewing

Marble Falls, TX
A philanthropic brewery crafting Belgian-style beers in the Texas hill country.

Shannon Brewing Co.

Keller, TX
Shannon Brewing Company -- Fire-Brewed Irish Ales. Our beer is brewed with the best stuff on Earth: pure spring water, whole grain, whole flower hops and a whole lotta love! We brew using an old-world fired process in both the mash tun and kettle. Heating our mash and wort with fire, enables us to produce superior malty flavors and delicately caramelize our sugars -- creating truly wonderful and unique beers. Sláinte

Solid Rock Brewing

Spicewood, TX
Solid Rock Brewing sources Trinity aquifer water to bring forth their own unique spin on traditional English and Irish ales in a renovated iron works situated on rustic acreage in Spicewood, just west of Lake Travis in the Texas Hill Country.

South Austin Brewery

Austin, TX
A uniquely South Austin craft brewery specializing in Liquid Austin Soul. New beers now available on draft and in 16-oz. cans.

Southern Star Brewing Co.

Conroe, TX
Located in Conroe and founded in July 2007, Southern Star Brewing Company was the first craft brewery in the great state of Texas to provide canned craft beers to consumers from our 10,000 square foot warehouse. Production began in March 2008 with our signature Pine Belt Pale Ale, followed by our Bombshell Blonde (an American Blonde ale), Buried Hatchet Stout (Imperial English-style Stout) and Valkyrie (DIPA - a double IPA), all available in cans or kegs. We now produce four seasonal beers, a different one every three months. Our beers are distributed throughout Texas, including Houston, Dallas/Fort Worth, Austin, San Antonio, El Paso, the Valley, Corpus Christi and College Station, and beyond to Alabama, Louisiana, South Carolina, Kentucky, Ohio, Tennessee, Florida and Arkansas. Keep an eye out for us in some of your favorite pubs or beverage stores. Cheers For Texas Brewed Beers.

Texas Ale Project

Dallas, TX
Texas Ale Project is Dallas' newest addition to the growing number of local craft breweries. Craft brewing at its finest.

Texas Beer Refinery

Kemah, TX
Texas Beer Refinery is a startup brewing company seeking to change the game of craft beer in Texas.

Texian Brewing Co.

Richmond, TX
Texas is a storied land that has a rich history unlike any other. Its mountains have seen six national flags fly. Its prairies witnessed cattle drives that brought the cowboy that the whole world visualizes when hearing its name and its fight for independence created heroes and tales that will be told for eternity. It is that rich history, and those heroes, that we wanted to represent when we created Texian Brewing Co. Not only did we want to create world-class representations of classic beer styles, but also spread the stories that made Texas what it is today. From the names of our beers to the ingredients we use, our Texas pride shines through.

Thirsty Planet Brewing Co.

Austin, TX
We are a four-year old brewery in the picturesque hill country of Southwest Austin. We brew three year-round beers as well as seasonal beers throughout the year. Tours are held every Saturdays from 11-3.

Twin Peaks Brewing Co.

Dallas, TX
The Twin Peaks Brewing Company will elevate our beer offerings to complement the signature homemade food for which we are known. The beers will be guided by the same strict expectations: being fully made from scratch, using the best ingredients possible and consistently executing at high-quality standards. The result is specialty craft brews, comparable to any competitor leading the craft beer segment today.

Twisted X Brewing Co.

Dripping Springs, TX
Twisted X Brewing Co. formed as a Texas microbrewery in 2010. We make unique Mexican-stye craft beer made in Texas with a twist that we call "Tex Mex Beer" (TM). We recently launched our new Hill Country Destination style brewery in Dripping Springs, Texas, in Nov. 2013. Come see us and "Always drink upstream from the herd."

Uncle Billy's Brewery & Smokehouse

Austin, TX
Opened in 2007, Uncle Billy’s Brew and Que is located right in the heart of Austin’s funkiest restaurant row on Barton Springs Road. Named for “Uncle Billy” William Barton, whose 1830s tract included the renowned springs, Uncle Billy’s offers the perfect combination of award-winning, hand-crafted beers and delicious, slow-smoked barbeque.