Kick off Texas Craft Brewers Festival weekend at the new opening night event—Partners in Craft. 

Friday, September 29th | 5:30-9:00pm | Fiesta Gardens (East Side Entrance)

Promising to be a uniquely Texan celebration of collaboration, this intimate evening sampling event highlights the close-knit camaraderie and community-oriented spirit of the Texas craft beer industry with a unique lineup of handcrafted Texas beers brewed with help and inspiration from a wide variety of community collaborators—like fellow Texas breweries, musicians, local farms, artisans, and more.

In addition to a terrific lineup of beers (including some making their debut at Partners in Craft) the event, held in the courtyard on the East Side of Fiesta Gardens, will also feature local food vendors like LeRoy & Lewis and The Brewer's Table, live music, a variety of local artisans curated by Austin Flea, and a beautiful view of sunset on Lady Bird Lake.

Tickets for Partners in Craft are $55. Texas Craft Brewers Festival bundle discounts are also available. Check out the Eventbrite page to view and purchase tickets. 

Partners In Craft Beer List

(512) Brewing

(512) CoCo Cerise
7% ABV | 30 IBU   Robust Porter infused with coconut, cherries and vanilla
(512) Pecan Porter infused with coconut, cherries and vanilla

Collaboration Dolce Neve Gelato

We're pairing up with an amazing new gelato shop just down the street on South 1st. Our Coco Cerise cask will be available and Dolce Neve is crafting a new gelato using reduced first runnings of our Pecan Porter, coconut, cherries and vanilla.

Adelbert's Brewery

Cherry Sour
8% ABV | 15 IBU   Sour
Aged in oak barrels, our cherry sour begins with a subtle aroma of barrel funk balanced with light fruit notes. Inoculated with an assortment of house strains and blended with Bing cherry this ale presents tart, bright and refreshing notes. Pair with mussels and frites, goat cheese, peach pie or Belgian waffles.

Collaboration Sprayed Expressions

Sprayed Expressions has been a long time partner of Adelbert's. Sivan manages our local artwall in our taproom. In honor of the Partners in Craft, they have made a piece of art inspired by the beer. The piece will be on display at the event and in the taproom after the event.

Austin Beerworks

6% ABV | 40 IBU   Tart Saison
Fermented with a rare Belgian yeast strain and blended with a sour wheat beer, Saccharification is bright, complex, and extremely drinkable.

Collaboration Art of the Brew

Art of the Brew is the crossroads of contemporary art, craft beer, music, and food. This one-day event demonstrates the connections and influences these creative communities have on one another and encourages greater collaboration between them. In preparation for the event, artist and brewers meet to discuss their work during brewery visits and over a few cold ones. On the day of the event, breweries showcase their craft by providing tastings in the Beer Garden while the artworks influenced by the breweries are displayed in the gallery.

Big Bend Brewing

Dark Sky
8% ABV | 32 IBU   Double Chocolate Porter
Not your average Porter. Waves of cacao, toffee and hints of coffee welcome the curious explorer who is then rewarded by silky mouthfeel and rich notes of cacao, chocolate and toffee.

Collaboration SRSLY Chocolate

Double Chocolate Porter brewed in collaboration with Austin-based "SRSLY Chocolate"" bean-to-bar chocolate makers"

Blue Owl Brewing

Saison Puede Harvest 2017
7.2% ABV | 24 IBU   Farmhouse Style
Farmhouse ale soured in red wine barrels with wild yeast and refermented with freshly harvested red grape pomace

Collaboration The Infinite Monkey Theorem

Blue Owl +Infinite Monkey = Beautiful Urban Shenanigans

Circle Brewing

Archetype Historical IPA
7.5% ABV | 37 IBU   Historical Beer
Archetype Historical IPA pays homage to the India Pale Ales by emulating the Burton-on-Trent IPA. Working closely with Blacklands Malt, we recreated the Burton White Malt, by maintaining low moisture content and kilning at exceptionally low temperatures, thereby keeping down color development. Using only East Kent Golding, we mirrored the hopping schedule and rates of the brewers that invented the style. The brew then spent the next four months in oak barrels, emulating the journey to India. To ensure historical accuracy, each barrel was inoculated with Brettanomyces to recreate its natural introduction from barrel stave reuse on that trade route.

Collaboration Blacklands Malt

Working closely with Blacklands, we recreated the Burton White Malt from notes, historical records, and descriptions of the beer, targeting that 200 year old specific malt profile. Blacklands was able to mimic that malt by modifying kilning temperatures, keeping color down during development, and emphasizing key characteristics in the final malt's result. The result was an unforgettable beer that recently won Gold at the World Beer Cup in 2016 in the Historical Beer category.

Community Beer

Vanilla Ascension Coffee Porter
6.9% ABV | 37 IBU   Coffee Baltic Porter
Vanilla Ascension begins as a dark, smooth and rich Baltic-style Porter lager. Using coffee from our neighbors, Ascension Coffee Roasters, we infuse an intense and delightful character showcasing the bright berry and cocoa flavors of naturally processed Arabica beans from Sigri Estate in Papua New Guinea. We finish out the beer on whole Madagascar vanilla beans, completing this classic & luxurious flavor combination.

Collaboration Ascension Coffee Roasters

The base beer, Ascension Coffee Porter (without vanilla) took bronze at GABF in 2014 for coffee beer.

Freetail Brewing

Texas Harvest
9% ABV | 10 IBU   Barrel Aged Wild Ale
Belgian wheat beer refermented with Tannat grape must and aged in Charbono wine barrels with Brettanomyces and Pediococcus.

Collaboration Bending Branch Winery

Our friends at Bending Branch in Comfort, TX provided us with pasteurized, vacuum-extracted Tannat grape must. We refermented it with Ananke (strong wit beer) in stainless and then aged in Charbono barrels (also from Bending Branch) and inoculated with Brett and Pediococcus. Bottle and keg-conditioned with champagne yeast.

Friends & Allies Brewing

Springdale Farms Collab
6% ABV | 20 IBU   Field Beer
Springdale White with Aji Amarillo and Habanero peppers from Springdale Farms. Springdale's creamy, wheat driven body balances nicely with subtle mouth warming spiciness from peppers. Fruitiness and spice from beer interacts beautifully with fruitiness from peppers. Aji Amarillo delivers bright citrus, dill, and a sharp heat while Habanero brings a beautiful rounded fruitness and an equally rounded, slowly increasing heat.

Collaboration Springdale Farms

This natural pairing of East Austin makers features Springdale Farms, the landmark urban farm, and Friends and Allies, a groundbreaking new brewery. Located blocks away on Springdale Rd. they have been working together to provide quality local destinations and products for East Austin. Now in their first official collaboration they are bringing forward a seasonal beer featuring a blend of peppers and spices to show off everything East Austin has to offer!

Hi Sign Brewing

Hank's Hard Land American Wheat
5.7% ABV | 30 IBU   Wheat Beer
An American Wheat beer brewed with Lemon, Ginger and Strawberry.

Collaboration Banger's Sausage House & Beer Garden

We brewed this beer for Banger's 5th anniversary. We developed the recipe together to create a smooth, clean, crisp beer for summer drinking. Hank's Hard Land is an ode to the farm lands that grow wheat.

Hops & Grain Brewing

Common Denominator
6.96% ABV | 20 IBU   Mixed Culture Saison with Watermelon juice
Texas watermelon is a staple in our Hill Country summers. We took some of our mature barrel aged mixed culture Saison aged in French oak barrels for 8 months with souring bacteria and wild yeast, juiced 50 lbs of TX grown Watermelons and blended the two together! The result is a refreshing blend of fresh watermelon juice, tart and funky aromatics and a clean, tart and crisp finish. Perfect for an afternoon of drinking in the central Texas sun!

Collaboration Tecolote Farms

Our good friends from Tecolote Farms have been utilizing our spent brewing grains for multiple feed uses on their farm. We're super stoked to be able to brew a collaboration beer using watermelons grown on the farm!

Infamous Brewing

Drunken Pumpkin
8% ABV | 30 IBU   Whisky Coffee Pumpkin Porter
Pumpkin Massacre, Cask Conditioned W/ Whiskey Soaked, Rouge American Coffee Beans

Collaboration Rogue American Apparel

Neighbors in beer and arms. These guys kick some major ass. Definitely the people you want on your good side.

Jester King Brewery

6.2% ABV | 11.5 IBU   Mixed-culture Fermented Hefeweizen
Live Oak Hefeweizen wort fermented in a foudre with hefe yeast and Jester King's mixed culture. 100% unfiltered, unpasteurized, and naturally conditioned.

Collaboration Live Oak Brewing Company

Made in collaboration with Live Oak Brewing Company! We took the fresh brewed wort of Live Oak's famous Hefeweizen and fermented in one of our oak foudres with our mixed culture of yeast and bacteria. The result is a beautifully funky, brett-forward, mixed-culture ale.

Lazarus Brewing

The Gose
4.77% ABV | 20 IBU   Gose with Herbs
A traditional Gose brewed with fresh, local lemongrass and basil. Crisp and sour, all herbs are represented with tart lemongrass and rounded anise derived from the basil. Aged on soft maple wood, the distinctive character of the wood is subtle.

Collaboration The Brewer's Table

Blended from the minds of the chefs and brewer from the Brewer's Table, The Gose was created as a display of the creativity of both Lazarus and its collaborator.

Lone Pint Brewery

7% ABV | 46 IBU   Braggot
This ale is named after the Texas Penateka Comanche War Chief Potsʉnakwahipʉ, or Po-Cha-Na-Quar-Hip. Po-Cha-Na-Quar-Hip's leadership helped to shape the early history of Texas. The Penateka were known as Pehnahterkuh or "honey eaters". Tasting notes: bright orange-yellow with a hoppy citrus and honey scented white head; robust wildflower honey and hop flavor, followed by clean hop bitterness, finishing with light herbally sweetness. Cheers Potsʉnakwahipʉ!

Collaboration Enchanted Manor Meadery & Rudy's Honey

Po-Cha-Na-Quar-Hip is our Braggot, a mead-ale hybrid dating back to the Middle Ages. We brewed it in collaboration with the local Magnolia Meadery, Enchanted Manor, who supplies mead to the Texas Renaissance Festival every year. Our Braggot uses American two row malt and raw, unfiltered, unpasteurized Texas wildflower honey from Montgomery County. Whole cone American hops are added to the kettle; it is also dry hopped.

Lorelei Brewing

The Dude
9.5% ABV | 60 IBU   Russian Imperial Coffee Milk Stout
Our Russian Imperial Milk Stout infused with a smooth locally sourced cold brew coffee that has a creamy finish

Collaboration Coffee Waves

When creating The Dude we knew it would be a perfect opportunity to bring in our friends at Coffee Waves to create a beautiful Corpus Christi collaboration. After many experiments with different beans to find the perfect fit we decided on a cold brew made with beans from central/southern America that gives rise to the floral/fruity high notes and rich chocolaty body that makes our him The Dude.

Martin House Brewing

Yakima Valley Apple
5.2% ABV | 21 IBU   Graf
Crisp, delicious, cideresque.

Collaboration Bishop Cider Co.

When the leaves start to turn up in Yakima Valley, that means the apples couldn't be riper. We got these delicious apples shipped down and put ‘em into our very first Graf (cider-beer hybrid) just in time for Fall. We partnered up with our buddies at Bishop Cider Co in Dallas to create a solid apple beer that is lightly hopped but full of flavor. Yakima is not too sweet and perfectly balanced, like a relaxing fall afternoon in a can. It’s not weighed down by adjunct spices or high ABV. It is sessionable and simple.

New Braunfels Brewing

6% ABV | 16 IBU   Barrel Aged Brown with cherries
80% Infamous Brewing Company HiJack Cream Ale and 20% New Braunfels Brewing Uber weizenbock. Barrel-aged 9 months and refermented with Ranier cherries.

Collaboration Infamous Brewing Co.

This beer is badass

North by Northwest

Dr. Rauchenstein
6.2% ABV | 24 IBU   German-style Rauchbier
Brewed with German beechwood smoked malts, German noble hops, and fermented with German lager yeast. It spent over seven weeks lagering and strikes a nice balance between; malt, smoke, hops, and a clean, dry lager finish.

Collaboration The Brewtorium

Dr. Rauchenstein was brewed as a collaborative effort between North by Northwest and The Brewtorium. We wanted to do something 'old-world' and classy at the same time; something fun and unusual. Dr. Rauchenstein is inspired by the smoked beers produced by the Schlenkerla brewery in Bamberg, Germany which has produced some the world’s best smoked beers for several centuries.

Orf Brewing

Maple-aged Orftoberfest
5.2% ABV | 21 IBU   Wood-aged Ale
Ale aged with rum-infused maple wood pieces

Collaboration Drejza Design

Mike Drejza of Drejza Design is a local Austin craftsman of custom wood furniture. His pieces go beyond basic functionality; they are works of art. He uses a variety of woods in his projects. From these woods we will pull some select samples of maple pieces and, after soaking them in rum a bit and then letting them drip dry, we will use the rum-infused wood as a flavoring agent in a beer brewed by Orf Brewing. 

Pinthouse Pizza

Coffee Infused Fully Adrift
10.1% ABV | 80 IBU   Double IPA with Coffee
Imperial American Style IPA brewed with Washed & Sundried - Caturra, Castillo & Colombia Coffee Varieties from La Trampa, Nicaragua & Huila, Colombia harvested at an Elevation of 1400-2000m

Collaboration Houndstooth Coffee/Tweed Coffee Roasters

The folks at Houndstooth coffee make the finest cup of coffee in the city and the roaster they operate, Tweed, sources and roasts some of my favorite coffee beans!

Real Ale Brewing

6% ABV | 25 IBU   Smoked Rye Swarzbier
A rauch & rye tribute to a classic style.

Collaboration Doom Side of the Moon

Real Ale Brewing Company has collaborated on two occasions with Austin metal greats, The Sword. Our third round brings us in touch with a new side project called "Doom Side of the Moon," a smoked-out, stoner rock tribute to the classic Pink Floyd album, "Dark Side of the Moon."

Red Horn Coffee House and Brewing

Horn Puncher NEIPA
6.8% ABV | 55 IBU   North East IPA
Brewed in collaboration with our friends at Pinthouse Pizza, this is our 2nd version of an intensely hopped NE Style IPA. Oozing with tropical and fruity aromas and flavors that will punch you right in the horn! Brewed with Equanot and Mosaic Powder and gobs of Azacca pellets. A soft malt body allows the intense berry, orange, pineapple, melon, and papaya hop character to burst from the glass.

Collaboration Pinthouse Pizza

That's a secret!

Saint Arnold Brewing

Fuzzy Wuzzy Was a Peach Saison
7% ABV | 20 IBU   Barrel Aged Saison with fruit
We started with our Icon Gold: Texas Honey Saison and aged in chardonnay wine barrels for six months and added 250 pounds of Light Sey Farms (Mexia, TX) Farms peaches. This beer also uses Burleson's Texas honey. We then added brettanomyces.

Collaboration Light Sey Farms in Mexia, Burleson's Honey

This beer started as an existing recipe and then we picked up the Light Sey Farms peaches from the local Urban Harvest Farmer's Market in Houston. We collaborated on a few projects with Burelson's Honey and actually went to the facility to pickup their delicious nectar.

Southern Star Brewing

Nature of Ego and Self
6.2% ABV | 18 IBU   Dark Lager
Rich, malty lager brewed in the German tradition

Collaboration Vincent Fink (Houston Artist)

This is our latest installment in our art can series. The label is a detail of Mr. Fink's "Nature of Ego and Self" from which the beer was named after.

St Elmo Brewing

Rain Helles
4.4% ABV | 17 IBU   Helles Lager
Light and quenching. We used 100% Texas rainwater, Weyerman Barke Pils malt, Halltertau Blanc and Mittlefruh hops, and cold-fermenting lager yeast to brew this refreshing lager.

Collaboration Richard's Rainwater

In collaboration with Richard's Rainwater, we brewed a german-style Helles with 100% rainwater. This is the second in our 'Rain' series, the first was a Pail Ale. We hope to continue and brew light, water-focused brews with Rainwater in the years to come.

Texas Beer Co

Highway 95 Double RyePA
6% ABV | 72 IBU   Rye Pale Ale
A bolder version of our drinkable RYE Pale Ale with a bite of rye up front on a malty body with a finish of floral hops. This is a scaled up version of a house favorite for double the trouble along Highway 95.

Collaboration Granger City Brewing Co.

Texas Beer Co and Granger City Brewing Company are two of the newest breweries in eastern Williamson County. Both are located near highway 95 and are bringing craft beer to the community in historic brick buildings.

TUPPS Brewery

Full Grown Hombre
11.9% ABV | 20 IBU   Imperial Stout Speciality
How do you kick Full Grown Man in the nalgas? By adding coffee, chocolate, vanilla, and ancho chiles. We partnered with a local roaster to take Full Grown Man to the next level by adding their smooth house roast. We've also turned up the volume by adding a hint of heat with the ancho chiles. If you're feeling like a nino pequeno, this bottle is sure to turn you into a full grown hombre. Salud!

Collaboration Book Club Cafe

We partnered with a local roaster to take Full Grown Man to the next level by adding their smooth house roast.

Uncle Billy's Brewery

Shokolad 2016
9.5% ABV | 45 IBU   Russian Imperial Stout
Powerful dark chocolate nose with flavors of dark cherry, plum, and chocolate, this fully bodied brew drinks silky yet boozy with a roasty chocolate warming finish Brewed December 2016

Collaboration SRSLY Chocolate

The third beer in our farm to keg series created with huge amounts of locally sourced cocoa nibs from SRSLY Chocolate.

Zilker Brewing

Guji Milk Stout
5.9% ABV | 20 IBU   Coffee Milk Stout
Spokesman Coffee Roasters Guji Origin Coffee in Zilker's Coffee Milk Stout.

Collaboration Spokesman Coffee Roasters

A small batch of custom roasted Guji origin coffee from Spokesman Roasters was used in Zilker's Coffee Milk Stout. The intensity of the coffee is kicked up for this special occasion and only 15 gallons produced.



What does my ticket include? 

Tickets include access to the event, a commemorative taster, and 8 sample tickets each redeemable for a 3-ounce pour. Like Texas Craft Brewers Festival, 24oz per person per transaction is in accordance with TABC code. But rest assured, attendees will be able to purchase 8 additional 3oz sample tickets (aka 24 more ounces) for $5/ transaction. Credit/Debit cards will be accepted, but we recommend bringing cash for speedy transactions with food vendors and Austin Flea artisans. 


Do you offer Designated Driver tickets for Partners in Craft?

We encourage everyone to get to and from the event safely by utilizing ride share options, public transportation, walking, carpooling, etc. Due to the very intimate nature and limited capacity of this event, we are only able to offer a limited amount of discounted designated driver tickets for purchase and these ticket holders will not be issued a tasting glass/ served alcohol. Please email to discuss those options. 


I am a local vendor who would like to have a booth at Partners in Craft to display and sell my products, who should I contact?

Great. If you're a local artisan (focusing on handcrafted products that fit within Austin Flea's tagline of "Handmade-Local-Vintage") please use this link to reach Austin Flea and scroll down to Texas Craft Brewers Festival - Partners in Craft to complete your application. 


Anything else I should know about Partners in Craft?

 Like Texas Craft Brewers Festival, Partners in Craft is a 21+ event. ID required to enter / re-enter. | NO MINORS Due to alcohol laws and safety requirements, no one under 21 will be allowed in. Please do not bring newborns, infants, toddlers, kids, teenagers or anyone under 21. The following items are also prohibited: firearms or weapons of any kind, pets, outside food or drinks, chairs, coolers, umbrellas, or glass.