What beers will be served?

The list of beers being served will be posted as we get closer to the event. We expect plenty of seasonal, special, rare and one-off beers to be served. That said, beer availability is subject to change.

Are children allowed?

Though we would love to allow children into the event, we just want to put their safety first. Since this event does involve the consumption of alcohol and large crowds, we feel it safest to not have children attend. As such, this is a 21+ event requiring valid ID. Due to current alcohol laws and safety concerns, NO minors will be allowed in, which includes newborns, infants, toddlers, kids, teenagers, or any other variation of someone under 21 years of age.

Are pets allowed?

We love our four-legged friends, but they don’t always mix with large crowds. Due to safety concerns, NO pets are allowed.

Can I bring in glasses, coolers, chairs or umbrellas?

We provide plenty of covered seating, including a covered eating area and seating under Fiesta Gardens massive pavilion. You may bring in a blanket to lay out and sit slopeside near Lady Bird Lake, but due to safety concerns, please do NOT bring glasses, coolers, chairs or umbrellas into the venue.

Can I bring my own alcohol or food to the festival?

Really? Come on y’all, doing so is prohibited and could result in confiscation and being asked to leave the event. Enjoy the Texas craft beer provided by the Texas craft brewers instead! That’s why you came to the event in the first place. We will also have multiple food vendors on-site providing a variety of cuisines.

Can I bring my own water bottle?

You may bring in a refillable water bottle provided it is empty. Drinking/rinse water will be available throughout the festival. No glass bottles are allowed.

Can I leave, then re-enter the Festival?

Yes. You cannot leave with any alcohol, though, and you will need to have your ID checked again before you may re-enter the festival grounds.

Is there a Designated Driver program?

We strongly encourage all attendees to be responsible and safe, and to make travel plans accordingly. Special designation for attendees abstaining from alcohol consumption is available through the Designated Driver ticket option, which provides admission plus free non-alcoholic beverages.

Will there be food and other drinks at the fest?

Most definitely. Various non-alcoholic drinks, and freshly prepared  food from local vendors will be on sale at the festival, along with plenty of free water to keep everyone hydrated.

Can I distribute information or products at the event?

No. Distribution of materials is restricted to authorized parties, such as sponsors. Unauthorized solicitation will result in immediate removal. If you wish to distribute material as a sponsor, email us.

How do I get to the venue? What about parking?

Parking is available around Fiesta Gardens and Lady Bird Lake at no cost, but it is limited. PLEASE  TAKE PUBLIC TRANSPORTATION, CAR POOL, RIDE YOUR BIKE (bike racks will be provided next to the entrance on the west end of the park, remember to bring your own lock! You can consult the city’s  TRAIL DIRECTORY here.), PARK REMOTELY, ARRANGE RIDES or grab a Lyft. The two main parking lots are on the North side of the main facility. An additional lot is adjacent to the Fiesta Gardens West End property. All parking is first-come, first-served. Street parking in the surrounding neighborhood is discouraged. PLEASE BE RESPECTFUL OF THE SURROUNDING NEIGHBORHOOD. PAY ATTENTION TO CITY SIGNAGE and DO NOT BLOCK DRIVEWAYS.  For more information on our Safe Ride Program, please visit the “Getting There” page.

Regarding injuries, personal conduct and lost or stolen items:

Festival organizers and the City of Austin will not be held liable for any and all damages caused by attendees to themselves, others, or property during or after the event.

Festival organizers and the City of Austin will not be held liable for any and all lost or stolen items. Please keep your personal items secure.

Do you offer media credentials?

We will be opening up media credential requests soon. Please stay tuned.

Why do you give out a plastic tasting cup instead of a glass?

We would much rather provide a glass tasting cup instead of plastic. Unfortunately, glass is not allowed on the festival grounds in any form, so we have to use plastic. 

Do you offer volunteer opportunities?

Yes! We will have roles for TABC certified folks (pouring beer) and non-TABC certified folks (wristbanding, passing out tasters, scanning tickets at the front gate, etc.) Volunteers get to enjoy the festival after their shifts.

Volunteer registration opens up in August, so stay tuned!