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Collaboration Tap Walls

Three new communal beer tents celebrating collaboration, community, and craft.

Craft Pride Presents: PARTNERS in CRAFT

Our Friday opening night event PARTNERS in CRAFT is taking a little breather this year, so our friends at Craft Pride are bringing the fun to the main event! Stop by this booth to experience 10 unique beers created by Texas brewers in collaboration with their fellow Texas crafts-folk and community members.

Blue Owl Brewing & Hold Out Brewing
Horseplay Cold IPA – Cold IPA

This year’s official VIP beer of Texas Craft Brewers Festival!

A fun collaboration between Blue Owl Brewing and Hold Out brewing that combines the strengths of both. Cold IPAs are a hybrid style that people love to debate the technicalities of. Isn’t it just an IPL? Well, kinda-not-really. This fresh take is a slightly tart, dry, clean pilsner base but with super-modern tropical fruity, citrusy hops. So it’s fruity-juicy-hoppy IPA meets crispy rice lager finish. The slight acidity makes the finish bright and inviting and accentuates the fruit flavors from the hops. Now we’re all hip and trendy!

Family Business Beer Company & Craft Pride
The Toasty Ghost – Strong Brown with Roasted Sweet Potato, Maple, and Ghost Chile

Strong Brown with Roasted Sweet Potato, Maple, and Ghost Chile. Conceived and designed in collaboration with the team at Craft Pride.

Fredonia Brewery & Stephen F. Austin State University
Purple Lights – Lager

Purple Lights was made with the help of Stephen F. Austin State University. SFA wanted a beer that represented them and our town of Nacogdoches, a beer to celebrate athletic victory and bring alumni together wherever they are. Purple Lights is a light lager with a touch of sweetness and a dry finish. It is perfect for watching the big game or hanging out with old friends.

Freetail Brewing Co & Bending Branch Winery
2019 Texas Harvest – Beer-Wine hybrid wild ale

Brewed again in collaboration with our friends at the Bending Branch Winery in Comfort, TX. Our house sour base, Ananke, aged in Charbono barrels with Tannat grape must, this year’s version is rich with deep, tannin and fruit flavors. The warm booze character is staid, with no burn; roundly tart with notes of cherry and vanilla. Perfect for pairing with both hearty meals and delicate appetizers.

Hold Out Brewing & Austin Beerworks
Survivables – Hoppy Lager

Hold Out x Austin Beerworks. Your favorite lager beer has finally found what it’s been missing all this time: the biotransformative nurturing that only comes from a healthy Cryo Pop wellness regimen. Crispy Pilsner beer meets a deft addition of tropical stone fruit and citrus.

Live Oak Brewing Co. & St Elmo Brewing
Cörnsch – Corn Kölsch

Get quenched, with Cörnsch. a corn Kölsch collaboration with our friends at St Elmo Brewing. They hauled over their house ale yeast to ferment a light bodied, 25% corn adjunct crusher. Hopped with the new German aroma and flavor darling, Callista. Enjoy the crispy sparkle of cörnsch!

Meanwhile Brewing Co. & Craft Pride
Pom Pom Smash – Berliner Weisse style Ale w/Pomegranate, Ginger and Lime

In collaboration w/ Craft Pride.

Long Story Short: Remember those potlucks your parents took you to as a kid? The ones where you were stuck playing outside with the neighbor kids while the adults stood around the kitchen drinking plastic cups filled with the punch you weren’t allowed to have. To celebrate Texas’ biggest beer potluck we made a punch inspired sour that we’re now old enough to drink and enjoy outside with all our favorite neighbors.

We Taste: Zippy. Pomegranate. Lime. Ginger. Spice. Tart.

Pinthouse & St Elmo Brewing
It’s Been A Minute – DIPA

A gigantic, juicy DIPA brewed with our friends and neighbors at St Elmo Brewing showcasing our favorite hops from last harvest.

St Elmo Brewing & Spokesman Coffee Roasters
Vaya – Coffee Cream Ale

SPOKESMAN COFFEE ROASTERS + ST ELMO = VAYA We brew this beer every year with our friends at Spokesman Coffee. The beans are selected months beforehand and custom roasted for this beer. The light, creamy ale base is the perfect canvas for the coffee to really shine in a beers world. Cream. Toffee. Spice. Molasses.

Zilker Brewing Company & Craft Pride
Golden Boy – Hazy IPA

Hazy IPA collab with Craft Pride with 100% El Dorado hops

To date more than 1,200 Breweries in all 50 States and 22 countries have participated in this global collaboration beer effort spearheaded by San Antonio based brewery Weathered Souls to “raise awareness for the injustices people of color face daily and raise funds for police brutality reform and legal defenses for those who have been wronged.” Stop by this booth to experience 10 different Black is Beautiful beers brewed by Texas craft breweries as part of the global collaboration.

Weathered Souls Brewing Company
Imperial Stout

Imperial Stout from the creators of the worldwide collaboration in 2020.

4th Tap Brewing
Imperial Stout

Strong notes of dark chocolate, toffee, and fudge with a lingering sweetness. Our iteration is conditioned on port-soaked oak.

Circle Brewing Co.
Imperial Stout

Imperial Stout

Family Business Beer Company
Black IPA

Black IPA with minimal bitterness and loads of juicy, tropical hops.

Ghost Note Brewing
Imperial Stout with Coffee

8 different malts combine for layers of chocolate, burnt caramel, coffee, and dark fruit. Bourbon barrel-aged coffee from Greater Goods adds additional notes of espresso, oak, bourbon, and dark berries. Brewed as part of the initiative started by Weathered Souls Brewing, the proceeds from this beer will go to the Austin Area Urban League and the fight for racial equality.

Live Oak Brewing Co.
Black American Lager

Our Black is Beautiful collaboration w/ Weathered Souls Brewing is a Black American Lager. Cascade hops balance this Schwarzbier meets Festbier offering. Proceeds benefit Austin Justice Coalition.

Texas Beer Company
Smoked Stout

A robust stout, rich in malty flavors and brewed utilizing smoked malts as a portion of the grain bill which impart a light smoke flavor which we choose to highlight the BBQ culture of our hometown Taylor, Texas. The proceeds of our Black is Beautiful is benefiting the Bill Pickett Educational Foundations which serves underprivileged children in and around our community.

True Anomaly Brewing & For the Culture Brewing
Imperial Milk Stout

In collaboration with For the Culture Brewing and Wooden Bus Brew, this version of the international Black is Beautiful collaborative is a thick and boozy Imperial Milk Stout. An extended boil and a touch of lactose enrich the chocolate and coffee in the dark malts, and provide for a slight black licorice and dark cherry in the nose.

TUPPS Brewery & Smittox Brewing & Black Coffee
Imperial Stout

Our Black is Beautiful release is an imperial stout brewed with hazelnut and coffee and is bursting with rich and decadent flavors! The coffee was supplied by Black Coffee in Fort Worth, Texas.

Vacancy Brewing & Celis Brewery
Oatmeal Stout

Soft, velvety mouthfeel with tasting notes of caramel, milk and dark chocolate and hints of espresso. Crisp finish with hints of grapefruit and pine.

Pink Boots Society

As an international non-profit created to assist, inspire and encourage women fermented/alcoholic beverage industry professionals to advance their careers through education, Pink Boots Society has active chapters in North Texas, Austin, Houston, and San Antonio and members spread across the state. Stop by this booth to learn about the non-profit, try seven different beers brewed as part of the annual Pink Boots Collaboration Brew Day® and experience the PBS hop blend from Yakima Chief Hops which unites each recipe.

4th Tap Brewing
Little Red Bus – West Coast Double IPA

This beer is reminiscent of old-school West Coast IPAs. Copper hued, this Double IPA has aromas of orange and coconut bursting from the glass. Orange, and coconut flavors carry through the palate and are met with slight toast, caramel, and pepper/spicy notes on the back-palate. Finishing with a balanced bitterness makes this easy drinking. Medium-bodied, medium-high carbonation.

Fitzhugh Brewing
Rosa Zoigl – Bavarian Lager

This beer is a Bavarian lager dry-hopped with the Pink Boots hop blend. Traditionally Zoigl beers were made by different home brewers in small communities. When the brewer had Zoigl available the “Zoigl Sign” would be hung up over the doors of their homes so the entire community could come enjoy the beer. Our Zoigl is light and crisp, yet fruity with a pleasant hop note.

Hold Out Brewing
She’s Speaking – West Coast IPA

Hold Out x Pink Boots x Sheila Garcia.

If you don’t know Sheila, you better get to doing so ASAP, cause if it’s awesome you seek in your craft beer experience, you’re gonna want to make sure she’s behind the boards. A tribute to the country’s first BIPOC woman VP, She’s Speaking is calm under pressure, assertive and collected, just like our favorite IPA’s and the women who help craft and inspire them.

Hop and Sting Brewing Company
She’s Intense Too! – West Coast IPA

Recipe was developed by and it was brewed by the ladies at Pink Boots Society North Texas. Proceeds go to support their organization.

Infamous Brewing Company
Sally Skull – India Pale Lager

India Pale Lager

Jester King Brewery
Femme Sauvage – Hoppy Farmhouse Ale

Inspired by some of our favorite crisp, dry, hoppy Franco-Belgian pale ales. At 39 IBUs, It was brewed with well water & local grain. Dry hopped with Mosaic, Loral, Glacier, Simcoe, and Sabro hops provided by the Pink Boots Society. Fermented with our mixed culture, and naturally conditioned.

Longtab Brewing
Limping Lady – American Pale Ale

An American Pale Ale, in collaboration with the Pink Boots Society. Named after OSS Spy Virginia Hall.

List subject to changes.
Check out the full, all day beer list HERE.